Erin Pomeroy, ASCT
Civil Engineering Technologist
E: P: (250) 493-0048 ext. 231
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Technician

The Engineering Department is focused on ensuring that the community has safe, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure. This department is responsible for the design, construction, and improvement of various infrastructure projects such as roads, sidewalks, street lighting, potable water systems, sanitary sewer systems, dams, and multi-use pathways. The department works closely with various agencies like the Ministry of Transportation, City of Penticton, and Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen to plan and execute different initiatives related to transportation, regional growth strategies, water systems, sewer treatment, and environmental concerns. Engineering’s focus includes short and long-term objectives to improve community and road safety, increase water system efficiency, expand sewer capacity, improve pathways and sidewalks, overseeing current assets, promote sustainable infrastructure development, increase infrastructure resiliency, improve connectivity, and enhance community engagement.

Engineering ensures that all infrastructure projects are planned and executed in a manner that meets the needs of the PIB comprehensive community plan. This involves designing and overseeing construction and maintenance projects that ensure safe and reliable infrastructure for the members and residents living on the Penticton Indian Band.


The Engineering Department is part of the Infrastructure Division, responsible for ensuring that the PIB community develops in a sustainable way that is underpinned by safe and reliable public infrastructure. Infrastructure is composed of several departments, including Engineering, Planning, Housing, Public Works, and Utilities. Infrastructure plays a critical role in the long-range planning and infrastructure development of PIB’s reserve land. We are responsible for the maintenance and operation of existing infrastructure and planning for future needs to ensure that the community has the public infrastructure to support its growth.
Loretta Ghostkeeper AScT.
Director of Infrastructure
P: (250) 493-0048 ext. 215

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