Our Land

Penticton Indian Band

Preferred Name:
Penticton (Snpinktn)


BC Region:
Thompson Okanagan

Reserve Land Area:
Indian Reserve No. 1 18,539.8 hectares or 45,881.84 acres
Indian Reserve No. 2 13.1 hectares or 32.37 acres
Indian Reserve No. 3A 145.7 hectares or 360.00 acres

Community Description:
The Penticton Indian Band is a First Nations government in the Canadian province of British Columbia, located next to the city of Penticton in the Okanagan Valley. The Penticton Indian Band community members have declared that the Nation is the proper title and rights holders of the whole of the Okanagan territory. As Okanagan people, we have a collective right and responsibility to protect and manage our land, our people, our culture (which includes language) and our spirituality.

Penticton Indian Band Reserve

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