First Nations Health Benefits

Contact Information, First Nations Inuit & Health

Dental 1-888- 321-5003
Care Card 1-800-663-7100
Other Inquires 1-800-317-7878

The Penticton Indian Band Health Clerk is your first contact with the Health Department, the clerk can/ will be able to refer you to the staff member best suited to your needs. The Health clerk schedules and processes all Patient travel needs, medical fee coverage (restrictions apply), can assist with dental, optical and prescription questions. The Health clerk processes Medic alert bracelet forms for first nations and is a liaison for band/community members with outside medical agencies.

Clinic & Professional Services

Client appointment bookings please contact at: Phone: (250) 493-7799 ext: 101 or Email:

Patient Travel Requirements

Please have all documentation faxed, or hand delivered to the Health Clerk – well in advance if possible. Documentation needed – Date of Travel, Medical reason for travel, Location traveling to (Kelowna, Vancouver) and Medical site (hospital, clinic), time of appointment, any dietary needs (diabetic) do you need an escort? If so your doctor will need to provide reason why you need an escort (not needed if the patient is a child/minor).

Medical Fee Coverage Requirements

Only available to community members, low income and limited to $50.00 per year per person.

Optical & Perscription Requirements

Can be covered based on Medical fee requirements, Health Clerk can provide information if needed.  web link address to FNHB: please CLICK HERE for more information on FNHB.

Care Card Applications

For New born infants, you must register your baby within 60 days of their birth..  A copy of the birth certificate (registered live birth) must be provided  with your application.
For replacement cards –  your lost card number, and birth certificate must be  provided with the registration.
* There is no fee to pay – if it is your first Care Card replacement

IMPORTANT! If moving back from out of Province – you must reapply for your medical in BC within 3 months of returning, please contact the health clerk for more information.

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