The Penticton Indian Band, Finance Department, performs controllership functions to ensure finances and management decisions are managed according to legislation, policies, procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles. Provides leadership and support, ensures Chief & Council have the necessary financial information to use in their decision making by providing timely and accurate recording of the Band’s financial activities. Conducts financial analysis, monitors budgets, and prepares detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports to PIB’s stakeholders.

Penticton Indian Band continues to meet its financial and reporting obligations and is saving money for future and ensures financial sustainability. PIB is charting the path forward, making independent decision is prepared, takes proactive initiatives, and has the capacity to continue business operations amidst all challenges that may come, and risks are monitored annually and mitigated

The PIB Finance Department is a leader within the organization and provided support to managers and staff in all areas of financial Management of the band and will increase its reliability and capacity to continue delivering on this.

Penticton Indian Band Financial Statements for the past 3 years from March 31, 2020 to  March 31, 2022:


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