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The PIB Administration is please to Welcome Smukaxen Inez Pierre !

smukaxen Inez Pierre
Language & Cultural Specialist

way’ pyayat Hello everyone
I am happy to say, I have accepted the new position Language & Culture Advisor for PIB. I have been directed by Council to look at a few items as we move forward with this new role and responsibilities. Listed here are suggested items to review with all department’s programs, services and workplans, alongside Managers, Leadership and Governance.

  • To increase the use of Language, Culture and traditions in programs and services
  • Develop a working group to schedule seasonal based traditional practices
  • Integrate ceremony into PIB’s community events
  • Ensure safety cultural practices are provided by Band staff, guests, RCMP and/all outside contractors who work with/for our members
  • Work with cultural knowledge keepers and fluent speakers to ensure best usage of language/wording is used and/or for translation purposes
  • To improve the understanding how captikwl teachings/protocols/laws can be used as guiding principles into the work planning and/or process
  • Language revitalization and cultural practises made available at your level and/pace in a safe, kind and gentle way

What I am excited most is we can begin to look at captikwl and learn how it can be used as guiding principles for all departments and with Leadership as Governance. We can examine questions like – What does that mean? What does that look like? How do we shape that into our laws/protocols? By all means, I am no expert at any one of the listed above, I will be reaching out to all that may be interested in this. I did one short story for Child & Families and would like to share this with community in the new year, when the holidays are done and we get back to work in 2024.

I feel this can change how we view the work we do for our community. I will be posting a survey on PIB’s website and will get your ideas and wishes together. We also can have some gatherings for captikwl nights…. As we learn together, we can be open to regain our pride, strength and respect in knowing ‘who we are and how we represent our timxulaxw and timixw as those who came before us did

Way’ limlimt

smukaxen Inez Pierre
Language and Cultural Advisor
Phone Office: 250-493-0048

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