Current PIB Projects


“New” Little Paws Child Care Centre

The Little Paw’s Children’s Centre is a new, 8,600 ft2 childcare building, to be located next to the Outma Sqilx’w school. The building replaces the existing centre on Westhills Crescent, and will incorporate 5 childcare rooms, with a total capacity of 123 spaces. The building will be all on one level, with wheelchair and stroller access to all spaces, and automatic opening doors. A story pole and mural at the entrance to the building will welcome visitors. Large windows and doors connect all the childcare rooms directly to outdoor spaces, with fenced play spaces, and natural grassland beyond. A super-insulated building envelope, triple glazed windows, and high efficiency electric heating system will provide a comfortable interior environment in all seasons. In summer, high-level windows will open automatically to provide natural ventilation. In winter, south facing windows will allow the sun to heat the space. As designed, the building will create no carbon emissions. With the addition of solar panels on the south facing roof, it would be energy self sufficient. Through these features, the building will provide a safe and healthy space for generations to come. Click to view larger picture



Green Mountain Road Multi Use Pathway

The Green Mountain Road Multi-Use Pathway project is a partnership between PIB and MoTI. It will be completed in three phases and involves the construction of a minimum of 3200 meters of dedicated pedestrian facilities (asphalt sidewalk with landscaped boulevard) on the south side of Green Mountain Road from the Highway 97, Okanagan River Channel Bridge to Westhills Road. This project will be adjacent to the road with speed limits of under 60 km per hour. There will be an off-street pathway using a 1.5 m buffer zone to provide a buffer between pedestrians/cyclists and traffic complete with new street lighting and two crosswalks Click to view larger picture.



Sage Road 24 Lot Subdivision

The proposed subdivision is a double-loaded road with 1/3 acre lots, with a minimum 18-meter frontage on either side. It is a continuation of the existing Sage Road which is a double loaded paved road with ditches on either side. The purpose of the Penticton Indian Band 24 lot Sage Road subdivision is to address the extreme housing shortage within the community. This project serves as the first phase of land development near the Westhills area, with the goal of creating safe, healthy, and affordable housing for band members. The Penticton Indian Band is committed to supporting the growing community by providing much-needed housing, as the wait list for housing currently exceeds 150 members, both on and off reserve. This project, will help to alleviate the housing crisis and improve the quality of life for band members by providing a sustainable, long-term solution to the housing shortage. Click to view in Adobe PDF



Comfort Cubes

Penticton Indian Band Social Development Department has identified the need for an Emergency Temporary Housing Program for youth either in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) or at risk of MCFD involvement, emergency homelessness placement and other emergency temporary housing needs for youth community members aged 15-29. The Life pods project provides temporary, short-term 3-unit stand-alone housing solution to the immediate needs of youth facing housing crisis which will support independent, safe, and supportive housing. Click here to view in Adobe PDF



Channel Pathway Repaving Project

The Penticton Indian Band is undertaking the water channel pathway repaving project with the goal of preserving the natural beauty of the area. The pathway, which runs along the water channel, is an important recreational space for community members and visitors alike. The project will involve repaving and widening the pathway while keeping it as natural as possible and true to the area. Penticton Indian Band is committed to using materials that are locally sourced and sustainable, and the repaving will be done in a way that minimizes disruption to the surrounding ecosystem. By preserving the natural beauty of the area, the Penticton Indian Band hopes to create a space that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Click here to view a larger picture



Outma Sqilx’w School Expansion Project

The new addition to the Outma Sqilx’w School is designed to seemlessly continue the architectural expression established with the original building. The new space extends the existing corridor and provides four additional classrooms and support spaces for the elementary school and provides another three classrooms and administration space on a lower level for the secondary school program. Click here to view a larger picture



Naqsmist – PIB Administration Multipurpose Centre

The new Naqsmist Community Multipurpose Centre is meant to bring a number of services under one roof in a consolidated building complex. The proposed site location, identified within a comprehensive master plan, is located adajcent the existing school and playfield. As a community facility, this location takes advantage of the existing infrastructure and helps strengthen this as a community and cultural core of the reserve. The site affords breathtaking views across the valley, with Lake Okanagan to the north, the city of Penticton to the east, and Skaha Lake to the south. The building is therefore designed to take maximum advantage of this setting by being fairly transparent, offering views from almost everywhere inside. All forms have been shown as white for this concept and materiality will be explored at a later date. Click here to view a larger picture



Naqsmist – Community Core Area Master Plan

The plan area, situated immediately to the east of the residential community of Westhills is meant to combine buildings and other elements from the 1993 Master Plan of Community Facilities with the existing Outma Sqilx’w Cultural School, Snxastwilxtn Health Centre and proposed Little Paws Daycare facility. The Master Plan will address future land uses, buildings, roads/pathways, water/sewer servicing, landscaping/irrigation and drainageClick on this link to view TRUE Consulting Community Core Master Plan Design Vision and Phase Concepts CCMP Webpage

Click here to view a larger picture

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