Social Housing

Penticton Indian Band offers the social housing program to assist eligible band members who are unable to qualify for a mortgage or make full mortgage payments and pay other housing costs but believe they could assume full responsibility for costs and upkeep of the home by the end of the lease period. The social housing program is available for housing units newly constructed or purchased for the purpose of homeownership.

Amount of Assistance

The social housing units are constructed through Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) Section 95 housing program. Penticton Indian Band obtains a loan to fund the construction of these units and the loan is guaranteed by the band through a Ministerial Loan Guarantee with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The Band is responsible to make monthly payments to repay the loans. Through the Section 95 program, CMHC provides the Band with a monthly subsidy to assist with financing and on-going operating costs of these units. Penticton Indian Band will approve funding through the social housing program for only one primary residence for each band member.

Who Is Eligible?

Any Penticton Indian Band member 19 years of age or older is eligible to apply for the social housing program. The Band member cannot be in arrears on any payments or user charges to Penticton Indian Band. They must sign a lease agreement with Penticton Indian Band and pay the first months’ rent plus ½ months’ rent as a damage deposit before taking occupancy of the unit. At the end of the lease period, if they have met the terms and conditions of the agreement, Penticton Indian Band will transfer ownership of the unit to the Band member.

Band Member Responsibilities

Band members will sign a lease agreement and will make monthly rental payments as their contribution toward the cost of the social housing unit and will pay other housing charges as detailed in the lease. They will be responsible for the general maintenance and repairs outlined in the lease and for the cost of all repairs required as a result of willful damage or neglect caused by them or their guests. They are encouraged to assume greater responsibility for unit maintenance and repair to prepare them for the transition to homeownership.  All occupants in social housing units are considered tenants until the end of the lease period.

Penticton Indian Band Responsibilities

Penticton Indian Band is responsible to manage and maintain the social housing units. The housing department will provide counselling and education to assist band members in understanding and carrying out their responsibilities regarding the lease agreement and social housing program policies.

For more information on this program, please contact the Penticton Indian Band housing department.

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