PIB Infrastructure

Loretta Ghostkeeper AScT
Phone (250) 493-0048 ext: 215
Erin Pomeroy AScT
CET - Civil Engineering Technologist Phone: (250) 493-0048 ext: 231

The infrastructure department  is responsible for managing and maintain infrastructure, Community Buildings, Community Housing, Emergency Management, Utilities, Public Works, and Engineering throughout the community.

  • Maintenance of all water systems to ensure safe potable water for all members on PIB Lower and Upper Reserve 
  • Water and Sewer access to the developments at Skaha Hills and surrounding areas, and Satikw Crossing. Also manage Public Works matters for Satikw and Skaha Hills.
  • Provide water and sewer services to:
    Nissan at Satikw Crossing, 86 Full Service RV Pads at Wright Beach Campsite RV Park, Play Estate Winery, 168 residents of Skaha Hills. Provide water services to Selles RV Park and Barefoot Resort, and Riva Ridge Mobile Home Park.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all Band parks;
  • Maintenance of all Band buildings to ensure a safe work place for all staff;
  • Provide housing for Band members;
  • Future housing – working with ISC/CMHC for future developments;
  • Current and future capital projects – housing/infrastructure/water;
  • New Subdivision development;
  • Working with members to secure mortgages through Band approved lenders.

The infrastructure Group is an integral part of the community, ensuring that it has safe, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure. The department is composed of several sub-departments, including engineering, public works, housing, and utilities.

The department plays a critical role in ensuring that the community has the necessary infrastructure to support its growing population and to maintain existing infrastructure to keep it in good working condition. The department works tirelessly to ensure that the community has access to safe and affordable housing, well-maintained public spaces, and reliable utilities.

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