Request to register for Electronic Voting for 2024

Electronic Voting Registration Form

**This registration form is for registered PIB Band Members that are the age of voting eligibility - 18 years and older ** This year (2024) Chief and Council will be holding three important votes and your questions, concerns are important to us! Please send us your registration information, if you would like to electronically vote for the following votes to be held this year. Please send us your information, as soon as possible. The Deadline to send us your information is June 29, 2024 at 8:00pm 1) Election and Governance Code Document - (Vote Date: August 25, 2024) - these are the document that were mailed or emailed to you. This document will help Chief and Council lead and carry out votes with accountability and transparency. 2.) Chief Elections - (October 2024) - (if community does not change the vote date) 3.) Council Elections - (December 2024) - (if community does not change the vote date) **We have a deadline to register eligible voters that want to vote online. The deadline is July 29, 2024 by 8:00pm PST **

Please use the name that you are registered under. ** Band Member information will also be validated by PIB Membership before usernames **
Please enter you current mailing address
This is required for us to send you your vote link ** This is optional, if you do not have an email address, we will contact you before the vote and give you your encrypted link over the phone. You must have access to a computer or be able to vote on your mobile phone.
Please enter a valid phone number that you can be reached at. This is important in case we need to contact you regarding the vote.
Please enter your name here, confirming that you are submitting a request to register for electronic voting for any or all votes in 2024.

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