National Child Benefit

The N.C.B. Reinvestment Project 


  • To provide low income families with services and assistance to ensure healthy lifestyles and choices for all family members.
  • To provide low income families with the opportunity to enhance their quality of life and ensure their participation in healthy activities.

Healthy families! Healthy Families! Healthy Families!

We say healthy families because this program aids lower income families with additional support for added nutritious meals, additional support in health care, sports fees and recreational activity fees. It provides the opportunity to access benefits other families enjoy. Benefits that many lower income families may otherwise be be unable to afford and this project shares or covers the costs. Resulting in less stress placed on families, both parents and children. In addition, children will be healthier because they are happier because of the extra increase and support of their quality of life!


  • Prenatal Family Support Program
    To support family workshops, food hampers, Hot Lunches & Meals, materials and supplies.
  • Day Care Hot Lunch Program
    To provide a hot healthy lunch at PIB’s Day Care.
  • S&S Cafe
    Provides the rental fees for the P.I.B. Health Dept. program “Soup and Sandwich Cafe” which is a weekly program where low income families can have a nutritious meal, socialize a little bit and receive information on nutrition.
  • Harvest Box Program
    To provide extra food for low income families with children to ensure no child goes hungry during hard times.
  • OSCS Hot Lunch Program
    To provide children in school with a nice hot healthy lunch..
  • Training Supplies
    To provide training fees and/or supplies for persons who .are in a training program.
  • Education Support, Workshop & Supplies
    To provide financial support to SA recieptants attending training and/or seeking employment.