Work Opportunities

To enhance the independance and employability of persons in receipt of social assistance by participating in WOP project funding for up to twelve (12) months.

The program seeks to achieve this by utilizing social assistance and funds from another source to create an on-reserve employment experience for an individual who would otherwise be unemployed.

In addition the program aims to provide the needed community services, development of community facilities and/ or the improvement of community’s environment.

When funds are transferred to wage subsidy under WOP in an amount equal to the monthly basic (support and shelter) entitlement of the social assistance recipient/ participant it’s considered a SA transfer. The project must pay at least the provincial minimum wage to participants and meet other requirements such as Employment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation.

Each of the recipient/ participant files are to include the regular social assistance documentation and details of the WOP project.

All projects require approval and BCR by Cheif and Council with documentation requirements that (detailing the WOP project) prior to the implementation that consist of the following:

  • Initiated by the PIB band council or a committee/ group approved by the PIB band council.
  • Operated by the PIB band council or endorsed committee/ group
  • Hires eligible participants (ie: SA recipients)
  • Enhances the independance and employability of each recipient/ participant by providing a work experience suitable to the participants needs
  • Satisfies the criteria of providing either a community service or facility, or improving and developing the community environment
  • Incorporates a clearly defined time frame which does not exceed one year
  • Has reasonable and realistic cost estimates
  • Has secured all other necessary sources of funding AND
  • Has appropriate monitoring and review mechanisms in place.

Notification is then given to the Funding Services Officer as to the details of the WOP program in order to facilitate the monthly reporting requirements for reimbursement.

Reimbursement for WOP transfers are submitted on the quarterly reporting form. Substantiating documentation MUST be on file.