Footprints Centre

Main Contact:

Mindy Rollins, Program Manager

Phone: (250) 492-5289 Fax: (250) 492-5239

Footprints provides technology training and pre-employment programs to persons with disabilities and elders/seniors in the Okanagan Valley. Footprints is a partnership between the Penticton Indian Band, the Neil Squire Society. Programs include:

2013-2015 Working Together Program

Provided wage subsidies to employers to hire people with disabilities throughout the Okanagan Valley.  Facilitated 36 job matches between job seekers and employers.  Over 80% success in job retention of those completing wage subsidy contracts.


  • For Aboriginals with Disabilities on Reserve
  • Community Navigators are leaders in their communities. We recruit and train Aboriginal Peers and Elders to provide Peer Support.
  • Help link Aboriginals on Reserve provide information and referrals to community and Band services.
  • Over the three year project, reach all Bands throughout the Okanagan Nation.


  • A 12 week pre-employment program
  • Modules on: career development, assistive technology, wellness for work


  • Free online computer skills tutoring
  • A great starting point for adults with disabilities to develop basic computer skills
  • Self-paced, client-centered learning
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Can participate from your own home or a community site


Mindy Rollins
Program Manager
Phone: (250) 492-5289
Fax: (250) 492-5239

Mindy Rollins has over 25 years experience in the community services sector with various non-profits and 15 years in management of teams and programs. Since 2003 she has been with Penticton Indian band; first as an Organizational Director to help develop the Okanagan Nation Family Intervention Services and start the Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House. Then Mindy was program manager at the Footprints Centre. She has past experience as an employment and rehabilitation counselor for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Mindy has facilitated the Employability, Chronic Conditions, and the Gift of Self Esteem programs at the Footprints Centre. Mindy holds a bachelor of social work from the University of Victoria. “Empowering people to find their own path and move towards their goals is always inspiring and I believe that access to computers can open the world for people of any age and ability.”

Terry Terbasket
Program Coordinator
Phone: (250) 492-5289
Fax: (250) 492-5239

Terry Terbasket has been employed by the Penticton Indian Band for over 13 years and has experience in the Education Department. She was also the employment counselor for many years. Terry has facilitated the employability programs, Gift of Self Esteem and Chronic Conditions programs at Footprints. She assisted on the Skills Link youth employment program for over two years which became the Footprints to Technology Centre. She recently was elected to Band Council for the Lower Similkameen Band. She also worked on the Aboriginal workforce employment initiative encouraging youth connection and employer education.