Main Contact:

Kathy Pierre, Director of Education

Phone: (250) 770-3210 ext: 222 Fax: (250) 493-0889 TF: 1-877-495-3210

The Penticton Indian Band Education Department is a team of dedicated individuals who are striving to improve education services for all community members. We believe we can make a positive difference in the lives of our students. Where ever possible we support the integration of Syilx culture and language into our programs. The Penticton Indian Band Education Department is organized to include three education administrators who oversee specific education portfolios.


“Preparing students today for a brighter, prosperous tomorrow.”


“Providing quality Education Programs and Services.”


We believe……

  • Education promotes, perpetuates and strengthens our culture and language.
  • Quality programs prepare our students for entrance into post-secondary or the workforce.
  • Education prepares students for total living and promotes self-identity, self-reliance and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • The responsibility for education belongs to the Band.
  • The responsibility for learning belongs to the student.


  • To improve each student’s education level so they are better prepared for the work force, vocational training or post-secondary education.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to develop skills and attitudes to enhance their ability to become an independent, contributing member of society.
  • To assist in the transition from secondary school to mainstream post-secondary institutes by providing upgrading where required.
  • To assist with academic planning require to pursue certificate, diploma and degree programs beyond secondary school.
  • To promote Syilx history, culture, and language and its relevance to improving self-identity and esteem.
  • To provide courses that lead to adult dogwood certification.

Kathy Pierre
Director of Education
Phone: (250) 770-3210 ext: 222
Fax: (250) 493-0889


The Penticton Indian Band Director of Education is responsible for the administration of the Penticton Indian Band Education Department, which consist of the education from K-12 (public and private schools), and Band Schools.

Kendra Eneas
Post-Secondary Coordinator, Reception
Phone: (250) 770-3210 ext: 221
Fax: (250) 493-0889


Joseph Pierre
Teacher -High School and Adult Education Programs
Phone: (250) 770-3210 ext: 223
Fax: (250) 493-0889


Rhea Dupuis
Principal- High School and Adult Education Programs
Phone: (250) 770-3210
Fax: (250) 493-0889


missing_staff_photoLachlan Smith
Teacher- Senior High School Programs
Phone: (250) 770-3210
Fax: (250) 493-0889


missing_staff_photoMalia Smith
Teacher- Junior High School Programs
Phone: (250) 770-3210
Fax: (250) 493-0889


Cheryl Dekock
O. T. D. C Employment Counsellor
Phone: (250) 493-0048 ext: 229
Fax: (250) 493-0889



To assist PIB students to successfully complete higher education and career goals, the Post Secondary Education Coordinator provides: career counseling, program advising and planning; transition assistance into post secondary education; student advocate with colleges, universities; and  Student referral services.


Toni_George_smToni George
Principal at Outma Sqilx’w Cultural School
Phone: (250) 493-2421
Fax: (250) 490-3081

**** For additional information regarding Outma Sqilx’w Cultural School, please click HERE! ****




PIB Ed Centre Registration Form

Outma Sqilxw Cultural School Registration Form

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The PIB Education Committee provides expert educational direction and strategic planning for the advancement and implementation of education policy, networking, capacity building and advocacy.

Members of the Penticton Indian Band Education Committee include the following:

  • The three administrators of the Penticton Indian Band Education Department
  • OTDC Rep
  • PIB Council Rep
  • Little Paws Daycare Rep.
  • Footprints Centre Rep
  • Social Development Committee Rep
  • Elder
  • 3 community members