Public Works

Penticton Indian Band Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and management Penticton owned assets to include community infrastructure such as buildings, parks, roads and the Okanagan River channel. The focus, priorities and goals of the Public Works Department is to ensure the ongoing maintenance of existing infrastructure to include building, roads, parks, playgrounds, and cemeteries. Also, Public works is focused on building capacity to improve the services provided to the Band and the wider community.

The focus, priorities, and goals of the Public Works Department are centered around ensuring the ongoing maintenance of existing infrastructure while working closely with other departments within the Penticton Indian Band to ensure that their work aligns with the Band’s overall goals and priorities.

The Public Works Department plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving the community’s infrastructure and services. Public Works staff level of service, dedication and hard work comes from their pride in serving the community all while ensuring that the Band’s assets remain safe, functional, and beneficial for years to come.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Developing a community maintenance plan that adheres to safety, health and environmental considerations.
  2. Maintaining community infrastructure by ensuring maintenance practices extend the life of existing facilities, roads, and parks and increase community safety and use.
  3. Providing excellence in the delivery of public works services to meet the Penticton Indian Band community needs.
  4. Building capacity to increase and improve PIB public works services, equipment, and staffing to effectively deliver services to the community.


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