Snpinktn Forestry LP

Snpinktn Forestry

Out of the 46,000 acres of land owned by the Penticton Indian Band, approximately one half of the land base is under forest cover.

Officially created in July 2009, the Penticton Indian Band Forestry Department, operating as Snpink’tn Forestry LP, manages the forest resource on IR#1, IR#2 and IR#3A. By doing so, they address forest health issues and manage interface fire hazards.

Snpink’tn signed a Forest and Range Opportunity Agreement with the Provincial Government in 2007 and has begun managing two Non-Replaceable Forest Licenses (NRFL) within the Okanagan Nation traditional territory, actively harvesting beetle infested pine and spruce. As well, Snpink’tn has a working partnership with Gorman Brothers Lumber Ltd, developing cutting permits and assisting with timber cruising.

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