Property Taxation

Main Contact:

Carlene George, Taxation Administrator

Phone: (250) 493-0048 ext: 232 Fax: (250) 493-2882

Carlene_George_smCarlene George
Taxation Administrator

Phone: (250) 493-0048 ext: 232
Fax: (250) 493-2882

Carlene started working for the Penticton Indian Band Property Taxation Department in July of 2009.  In 2011 she completed the Certificate in First Nation Taxation Administration with the TULO Centre of Indigenous Economics and Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC. This was the first graduating class in all of Canada to receive and hold this certification.  In 2015 Carlene completed the requirements to obtain the Certified First Nations Tax Administrator (CFNTA) title this involves commitment to the First Nations Tax Administrators Association (FNTAA) Code of Ethics and annual CFNTA maintenance.  Carlene is a part of the FNTAA Board as well at the Tulo Indigenous Economics Board.  She is honored to work in the First Nation Property Taxation field and for the Penticton Indian Band community.  She believes transparency in taxation is key.


Carmen_George_smCarmen George
Taxation Clerk

Phone: (250) 493-0048 ext: 233
Fax: (250) 493-2882

Carmen started working for The Penticton Indian Band Property Taxation Department as the Taxation Clerk on June 1 2020. She is eager to attend the First Nations Taxation Administration Certificate program through Thompson River University and TULO Indigenous Economics to become certified. Her goal is to enhance the PIB property tax department with capacity and knowledge.
She is excited to meet PIB taxpayers.


** Please be advised that The Penticton Indian Band Property Taxation Department charges $35.00 per tax search requested, as per Section 21(1)(2) of the PIB Property Taxation Law 2015. **

** There is a $30.00 non refundable fee payable to the Penticton Indian Band when you appeal your assessment, as per Section 29(1)(c) of the PIB Property Assessment Law 2015.  If the appeal fee is not submitted with the written notice of appeal the assessor shall advise the appellant by registered mail that the appeal will be deemed invalid if the appeal fee is not received in the office of the assessor. **

Important tips to Penticton Indian Band Taxpayers:

Was your name or address incorrect on your annual BC Assessment Notice that you receive in January?

  • If you see incorrect information on your BC Assessment Notice, please contact BC Assessment and notify them of any changes you require. We also ask that you also notify the PIB Property Taxation Office as well as.

If you did not receive a tax notice:

  • Recently bought a new place, the tax notice may have been sent in the previous owner’s name, if that’s the case also confirm with your lawyer or notary that your portion of taxes were adjusted at the time of sale.
  • Purchasing an existing property on PIB, we may have not been notified that you’re the new owner.

Did you receive a tax notice for a property where you no longer occupy?

  • Please forward the tax notice to the new owner
  • Return the notice by mail to the Penticton Indian Band Property Taxation Dept.

Instructions for paying your property tax online:

  • Account: your folio number starting with the number (don’t add all the zeros)
  • Other methods of payment: Cash, Cheque, Money Order, payable to the “Penticton Indian Band Property Tax

Understanding Property Assessments and Property Taxes

BC Assessment Video: Understanding Property Assessment & Property Taxes –

Useful Property Taxpayer Information

LINK: Reserve Land – By Location

If you are a non-member leaseholder on reserve land, you need to pay property taxes. Who you receive your property tax notice from, and pay, depends on whether the First Nation charges its own property taxes. When the First Nation charges its own property taxes, they will send your property tax notice. You pay your property taxes to the First Nation.

You are not eligible for the provincial property tax deferment and home owner grant programs when you pay property taxes for your principal residence to a First Nation. However, the First Nation may offer its own home owner grant program.

If you have questions about your property taxes, contact the First Nation.

If the First Nation doesn’t charge property taxes, your taxes will be administered by the municipality or the province if the property is located in a rural area.

LINK: Grants in place of Home Owner Grant Act benefits



Ownership, Transfers, Details…
Manufactured Home Registry
PO Box 9431 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC V8W 9V3
Ph: 250-952-7976 Fax: 250-387-3055

Deaths, leases, new registrations etc…
Aboriginal Affairs Northern Development Canada
Ph: 1-800-665-9320
Land Management BC Region
1138 Melville St. Suite 600, Vancouver BC V 6E 4S3

BC Assessment Contact: 1-866-825-8322
300-1631 Dickson Ave, Kelowna BC V1Y 0B5



Property Taxation Audited Financial Statements

District 2 Transition Rate Plan

This applies to the taxpayers who have been Penticton Indian Band Taxpayers since 2008

View annual expenditure (budgets), rates, tax and assessment laws from 2008-Current

Instructions on how to view Penticton Indian Band information:

  1. Click the red box – PART II – Laws and By-laws, codes and other enactments
  2. Search all – Search for: Penticton Indian Band 
  3. Will show a list of everything pertaining to PIB

Click the link and follow the above instructions: First Nations Gazette


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All Penticton Indian Band facilities are closed to the public.
Therefore taxpayers are required to pay their taxes online or by mailing in a cheque / money order.
For those who need to pay their utility bill, you can also mail in a cheque / money order as online payment is not an option for the utilities at this time.
To speak to the Tax Administrator regarding payment options please contact Carlene George, scroll to the top for contact info.

Thank you for you understanding!