Messages from Chief Chad Eneas


**** COVID-19 & 2020 Celebrating Language Conference ****

Attention all PIB members who are considering attendance at the 2020 Celebrating Salish Language Conference in Spokane, WA.  Please read the announcement by PIB

**** Reducing the spread of germs ****

In light of the recent discussions and decisions that have been made regarding COVID-19 and PIB, it is important that we, as staff do our bit, to assist in keeping the risk to PIB low.

Suggestions for both PIB Community Members and PIB Employees:

  • Please ensure that you are washing your hands frequently
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Let us help our janitorial staff by keeping our work areas disinfected throughout the day.  It is advised that disinfecting wipes be kept at each desk, or at least in an area that is easily accessible
  • Be sure to wipe down door handles, office surfaces, chairs, phones, keyboard etc regularly throughout the day and after we have meetings, members, clients etc in our offices

It is important to remember that we keep the risk to our community low by implementing measures to minimize exposure.

Hand sanitizer is a popular item these days.  If you are having trouble finding some, you can make your own.   Please note that hand sanitizer works in conjunction with hand washing.  Nothing beats good old fashioned hand washing.  Please take a look at out information sheet for making hand sanitizer or check out this link: Fight COVID-19 on the go with homemade hand sanitizer

If you feel that you may have been exposed to the COVID 19 virus through travel or community contact, please call 8-1-1 for further direction.

To assess whether or not you should travel, this link may help you decide

If you plan to travel please review the following documents: