Records Management

missing_staff_photoAlaina Sabo
Records Management Coordinator
Phone: (250) 493-0048 ext:117
Fax: (250) 493-2882

In April 2010, a Records and Information Management program was initiated by the Penticton Indian Band and in August 2010, Chief and Council approved a Records and Information Management Policy, formally recognizing the importance of Penticton Indian Band’s obligation to manage the it’s records effectively.

WHAT IS RECORDS MANAGEMENT? Answer:  It is the systematic control of an organization’s records; from the time they are created to their eventual disposal, in order to meet operational business needs, statutory and fiscal requirements, and community expectations.

Records and Information Management is developing policies, procedures and guidelines for managing Penticton Indian Band documents in paper, electronic and other forms. This foundation forms an organization-wide records and information management program directed at:

  • Controlling the creation & growth of records
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving employee access to the information needed to do their jobs
  • Ensuring legislative & regulatory compliance
  • Minimizing legal action or lawsuits
  • Safeguarding vital information in the event of a  disaster
  • Supporting better management & decision making
  • Preserving corporate memory

Records and Information Management continues to plan the information needs of Penticton Indian Band, identify information that requires capture, develop a records storage plan, which includes short and long-term housing of physical records and coordinate access to records internally and outside of Penticton Indian Band, balancing requirements of business confidentiality, data privacy and public access. Under current development is an organization wide classification system (common filing system) for how records will be organized and research continues on a retention schedule which will serve as a blueprint for how long records need to be kept. In order to manage the growing number of records available in electronic format, Records and Information Management acquired an electronic records management software (ERMS) solution. The implementation and integration of an ERMS will enable Penticton Indian Band to effectively manage both its paper and electronic records including email as well reduce the environmental impact by becoming increasingly paperless.