– Water Use Advisory



This morning, July 7, 2017, the Penticton Indian Band Water System had an automation  malfunction which caused the reservoirs not to refill.  In the event of a fire, we will not have the adequate amount of water to quickly respond.  Please do not use the water for any unnecessary use for the duration of the weekend.  Once the reservoirs have had the chance to refill, we would ask that all residences briefly flush their indoor water to remove sediment that may have built up.  To do this, turn on cold water taps only and let run  until water is clear or a period of 2 minutes.  As always, water quality is tested to ensure safe drinking, but there is a 24 hour incubation period to determine bacterial contaminants.  Avoid excessive water consumption from taps, please use bottled if you have it, or boil it for five minutes especially for those with health issues.  Showering and laundry use is fine but be aware that there may be discoloured water that could stain clothes.

The water is for emergency response including fire protection and        personal use.

Penticton Indian Band Administration